Individual formicarias for ants. Several typesof ant farms can be purchased: Plastic, Plexi, Ytong, Wood and Glass. A formicarium in general is consist of two parts: an outworld, which is used for feeding and moving by the animals, and anest part, which is their place of residence. Important characteristics are the size of the formicarium, the estimated number of specimens, and the use of materials. For example, some species prefer Ytong, while others would prefer plastic. The equipment are also of great importance. To replicate the real environment as closely as possible, cleaned pebbles, plants, substrates and ornaments are also available. If you have bought a formicarium the absorbent sponges can be used up and can be purchased separately at any time, in universal sizes. We are always expanding our range. The anti-escape nets used in formicaries are as dense as possible within the production technology, but the smallest species of workers (e.g.. Solenopsis f., or some Temnothorax sp.) can escape. These species are recommended to be kept in test tubes or in formicaria without escape nets.

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