Snail Formicarium


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Short description of the formicarium:
🎨: White + Grey
📏: 80x80x16 mm
🐜: 300-600 (4-10 mm)
🏠: Not species-specific

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Hangyapolisz Snail Formicarium Features

The Hangyapolisz Snail Formicarium is the perfect choice for keeping both small and large species and colonies. It is specifically a nest formicarium, which looks like a snail shell. And the centre of the shell is a moistening hole, where the queen can make a perfect home.
It has a built-in moistening hole. If the Moisioning sponge gets worn out, you can order moisioning sponges in universal sizes that can be tailored to your needs at home.

Accessories available for purchase:

Materialbase – 100% PLA, top – 100% plexiglass, sponge – 100% PVA (absorbent sponge).
The formicarium can be viewed in various videos on our TikTok channel.
The picture is an illustration.

Weight45 g



White, Dark grey

Connecting tube

Mini compatible


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