ANTSTORE - Ant Keeping Store

The name ANTSTORE doesn’t really need to be introduced to the more knowledgeable ant keeper. It is the world’s first ant shop. They are based in Germany, in Berlin. The German mentality should not disappoint them either. Their products are characterised by quality, durability and reliability. With more than 20 years of experience, the company knows exactly what ant keepers and, of course, ants need. We are proud to announce that ANTSTORE is a privileged partner of Hangyapolisz.

ANTCUBE - Professional Ant Keeping

ANTCUBE™ was created in early 2015 by Martin Sebesta, founder of ANTSTORE. After 15 years in the business, he wanted to create a product that was perfect for both ant keepers and their ants. Thanks to his expertise, having faced the many problems of ant holders and ants in existing products, he has designed a new world of formicaries never seen before. ANTCUBE™ was born. Since then, they have continued to develop their products and are always working on new innovations.

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