Guarantee conditions

Delivery Guarantee

If the queen ant you ordered dies on arrival or within 24 hours (not the same as the 14-day right of withdrawal, see here), we will send you another one of the same species (if in stock, if not another species in stock is also an option) or refund the price in the form of a redeemable coupon. The live ant guarantee only covers ant queens, not workers. Any queen mortality after 24 hours from arrival is no longer considered a guaranteed event, as all diseases and transport stresses due to their body size will be revealed during this time. Subsequent mortality may have other causes, such as acquired (not brought on) disease / poisoning / stress / inappropriate keeping conditions.

Terms of the Guarantee:

  • The warranty tape remains intact during the warranty period.
    (Adequate food and water are available during this period).
  • Placing an order with a heat pack during the cold, winter season.
  • The right temperature for the species is ensured throughout the period.
  • For the delivery method, Express Delivery has been selected.
  • The parcel was received on the working day after the parcel was posted.
  • The test tube (containing the queen) was removed from the package immediately after receipt of the shipment.
  • The matter was reported to us in writing during the warranty period.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in immediate loss of warranty.

The validation procedure:

  1. Send an email about the incident to
  2. Description of the circumstances of the incident.
  3. Attaching a photo showing the dead Queen and the intact guarantee ribbon.

The return of the dead queen is not necessary if this fact can be established. If we have  of the same species in stock, we can decide whether to send one of them (or another species in stock) in exchange or to issue a coupon code of the same amount.

In the case of re-delivery, the postage costs will be borne by the Buyer. The Queen’s cost is 100% us.

Guarantee for products

The warranty period for all products on the website is the warranty period, the warranty period is defined in the Act No. (IX. 22.) Korm. Regulation:

    1. one year for a sale price of HUF 10 000 or more but not more than HUF 100 000,
    2. two years for a sale price exceeding HUF 100 000 but not exceeding HUF 250 000,
    3. Three years above the sale price of HUF 250 000.

Further details can be found in the GTC.
Our company does not recommend the Foxpost delivery method for live ants. By purchasing, the Buyer accepts the terms and conditions of the warranty.

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