Flower Formicarium


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Short description of the formicarium:
🎨: White
📏: 80x80x16 mm
🐜: 300-600 (4-10 mm)
🏠: Messor (Harvester ant species)

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Ingyenes szállítás Foxposttal már 12.000 Ft-tól

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Hangyapolisz Flower Formicarium Features

The Hangyapolisz Flower Formicarium is perfect for keeping Messor (Harvester) species, colonies. It has a built-in nest and outworld area. With built-in moistening hole. If the Moisioning sponge gets worn out, you can order moisioning sponges in universal sizes that can be tailored to your needs at home. The uniformly designed petals of the flower shape allow them to choose which part of the nest is used for incubation and which is the grain storage.

Accessories available for purchase:

Materialbase – 100% PLA, top – 100% plexiglass, sponge – 100% PVA (absorbent sponge).
The formicarium can be viewed in various videos on our TikTok channel.
The picture is an illustration.

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