Syringe + Needle


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⚖️: Syringe + Needle
🎨: Blue
🧪: 2 ml
🏠: Not species specific
📝: Suitable for filling absorbent sponges, feeding, watering

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Syringe (2ml) + Needle Features

Suitable for filling the moistening hole of formicariums, feeding, watering. The moistening holes on the formicariums are designed to fit the needle for this syringe. After moistening it is recommended to seal the hole to reduce evaporation. The tool can also be used to deliver different nutrients (e.g. sugary water, honey). Capacity: 2ml. Needle diameter: 0,5mm.

Material: plastic + 100% stainless steel
The product can be seen in various videos on our TikTok channel.

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Attention! The product is not a medical device and therefore not suitable for medical purposes (human/animal). May cause injury and must be locked away from children.

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