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Short description of the ant food:
⚖️: 2ml (net)
🏠: Sugar-consuming species
📝: Invert sugar, sucrose
🧪: in 2 ml resealable tubes

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Water solution Features

The Water solution is suitable for feeding all ant species at the same time. It contributes to the carbohydrate needs of ant colonies.

Use: administered directly with the Hangyapolisz Drinker by syringe or by inserting the tube directly. Pipette available for dosing. Too much Water solution can get ants stuck.

Ingredients: water, invert sugar 55%, sucrose 45%

Storage: in a resealable tube. Store in a dark, cool, dry place.
Packaging material: plastic
Notes: For the exact ingredients, best before date and lot number, see the attached leaflet.
Responsible veterinary and food control authority:
Steglitz Veterinary Surgery (Königin-Luise-Str. 92 14195 Berlin)
Suitable only for feeding ants that consume sugars, not for human consumption. It is not a substitute for fresh water or a source of live protein.
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