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Short description of the tool:
🧪: 1 / 5 / 15 % 50 pcs x ⌀16 mm test tubes
📏: Variable
🎨: Variable
Earn up to 225 Ant Points.
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Test Tube Stands features

Hangyapolisz Test Tube Stands are specially designed for the test tube size available in our shop (⌀16x150mm). Available in two versions: opened and closed. The opened version is recommended for non-photosensitive ants and the closed version for photosensitive species. Five types are available: one, five, fifteen, fifty. Their smooth sides allow you to stack several containers, even if they are laid on top of each other (except for the type 1). They have been designed to hold the test tubes securely in place, taking into account the lightest possible weight. Can be decorated and painted as required. Available in several colours.

Test Tubes are available on our site or can be added as an option when ordering a test tube holder.

Material: 100% PLA

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Weight84 g


🧪 Model

Opened, Closed

🧪 Type

One, Five, Fifteen, Fifty

Test Tubes

Included, Not included


White, Brown, Light grey


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