Wooden Series plug


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🎨: transparent
📦: 4 pcs / pack
📏: ø8,5 mm – ø10 mm
🏠: not species specific
📝: suitable for closing the connecting holes on the wooden formicariums

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The Wooden Series plug

The plug is suitable for closing the connecting holes on the wooden formicariums. By default, each wooden formicarium is sent with 2 plugs. The price is per pack (4 pcs). It has a handle so it can be easily removed from the formicariums. It fits snugly and tightly, so ants can’t push it out. Cleanable with plain water. The colour is transparent.

One pack contains 4 plugs, as the wooden formicariums are hand-made, there may be variations of tenths of a millimetre in the diameter of the connecting holes. The correct size of plug should be used (the one that is just tight enough to pull out).

Wooden Series plug Material: 100% TPU
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