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Short description of the ant food:
⚖️: 10 pieces / package
📏: ~20-30 mm
🏠: Not species specific
📙: Tenebrio molitor L.
🛍️: packaged in plastic tube

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Mealworm Features

The mealworm is a suitable food animal for all ant species. Depending on the size of the colony, it can be given on a weekly basis. It is also worth giving other foods that are carbohydrate-rich (such as honey, sugary water, fruit jelly) and water replenishment is a must. They are hardy animals and can be stored in a plastic box (with a hole in the roof to keep them ventilated), and are perfect for feeding with wheat bran. Storing them in the fridge slows down their metabolism, so they can last for several months. One plastic tube (packet) contains 10 Tenebrior molitor larvae. More than one can be ordered at the same time.

Nutritional value: 20% protein, 13% fat, 2% fibre, and 62% moisture *

Packaging material: plastic
You can see the Mealworm in different videos on our TikTok channel. Hangyapolisz guarantees that the food animals come from hygienic, chemical and drug-free farms.

  • The picture is an illustration.

* Source: Springer (values may vary from individual to individual, depending on the food eaten)

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