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Short description of the ant food:
⚖️: 20g (net)
📝: Fermented pollen
🚚: within 1-2 weeks
🐜: Not species-specific

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Ant Nuggets Features

Ant Nuggets are a naturally derived food for ants. These delicious snacks are collected from the wild by Bulgarian beekeepers. Easily digested by ants thanks to natural fermentation. It contains high quality proteins, making it an almost complete food (replacing honey/sugar and proteins) for most ant species (e.g. Lasius sp., Camponotus sp., Messor sp. and even leaf-cutter ants like it).

Use: Cut into small portions or dissolved in water.

Ingredients: 100% naturally fermented pollen.

Storage: in a resealable bag. Store in a dark, cool, dry place.
Packaging material
: plastic, paper
Comments: Supplementary food for ants. For the exact ingredients, best before date and lot number, see the attached leaflet.
Responsible veterinary ant food control authority: Steglitz Veterinary Surgery (Königin-Luise-Str. 92 14195 Berlin)
Only for feeding ants – not for human consumption. It is not a substitute for fresh water or a live source of protein.
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