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Short description of the tool:
📏: 160 x 110 mm
🏠: Tropical species
⏳: max. 72 hours
🌡️: approx. +15-20 degree of Celsius
📝: Ensuring adequate temperature during transport
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Heat Pack Features

The use of the Heat Pack is recommended during the cold, winter months when ordering live ant species (mainly tropical) to ensure optimum temperatures during delivery. Under normal conditions, the heating pad can ensure a temperature of +15-20 degrees Celsius inside the package for 72 hours*. You can choose whether it should be placed in the package in an activated form (in that case the warming effect is already effective) or in an unactivated form (for example, if it is to be used later). If the latter is the case, it is important that the package does not come into direct contact with the ants, but that they receive the warmth indirectly, e.g. by inserting a cardboard sheet to prevent them from being directly exposed to the heat.

Use of an unactivated heat pack: open the plastic packaging and allow the heat pack to air. After about 10 minutes, the pad will start to warm up.

Material: non-toxic
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* Use only for warming in parcel delivery, not suitable for human uses. The 72-hours warming time is an approx. number, which may decrease depending on the temperature outside (it makes a difference whether the pad works at -10 degrees or plus 5 degrees). The colder it warms, the faster it stops working.

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