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🎨: Variable
📏: 70x39x37 mm
🔺: polygon, circle shape
🧪: 10 ml (glass)
🏠: Not species specific
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Maxi Ant Drinker 10ml Features

The tool is specifically designed to replenish the water needs of ants in larger formicariums. Suitable for dispensing water or dilute liquids (e.g. sugary water). It has 12 drinking holes designed to dispense and store a single drop of water in each hole to avoid the risk of spillage or drowning.
The Ant Drinker is available in two shapes: polygon and circle.

Depending on the size of the colony, it can last up to 1 week with 1 refill. Made of real glass, it is durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Not suitable for honey. A separate Ant Honey Dispenser is also available. The Maxi Drinker is not suitable for small species that can fit through its holes because they may drown in the liquid (e.g. Temnothorax species, Solenopsis fugax, Tetramorium sp.).

Material: base – 100% PLA, glass
The Maxi Ant Drinker can be seen in various videos on our TikTok channel.

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Weight37 g
Dimensions70 × 39 × 37 mm



Circle, Polygon


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