How to hibernate ants?

About the Hibernation of the Ants

You may have wondered how in summer you see lots of little worker antsrunning up and down the fields, trees, grass and around the house, but as the colder weather and snowfall comes, they disappear somewhere. Maybe they move to warmer climates, like the birds? Or do they hide like bears? This and many other interesting facts about the hibernation and hibernating of ants are revealed in this article.

What does the term hibernation mean?

Hibernating or hibernation for ants is, in other words, nothing more than a state of minimal activity and metabolic depression undergone. European and some other species hibernate in the wild.

Why do certain ant species hibernate?

Like all living things, ants need a major rest at some point. The queen is constantly ovulating during her active period, so one of the main reasons for hibernation is to stop ovulating and rest from the year’s fatigue. And yet, you can’t expect it to keep producing offspring for 15 years in a row. It is also a time for workers to relax after a year’s work.

How to hibernate ants?

The easiest way is to store them in a mini fridgewith adjustable temperature (e.g. a wine cooler) in a closed test tube or, in the case of a formicarium, in a covered box. If such an appliance is not available, a refrigerator set to a low settingat home may be suitable. It’s a good idea to measure the internal temperature of the fridge with a thermometerto make sure it doesn’t stay too low for too long. If the weather permits, they can also be installed in an unheated outhouse or garage, while monitoring the temperature. It is important not to disturb them during the hibernation with movements, shakes and light effects.

How long and how many degrees Celsius is it necessary to the hibernation?

The duration and temperature of the hibernationvaries from species to species. Generally speaking, 5-8 degrees Celsius is ideal between the end of October and the end of March. However, for some species this value is low (e.g. Messor barbarus – 15 degrees Celsius between November and February) so it is always worth checking the product page of the species for the parameters.

What happens if we do not pay attention to hibernation?

Withholding hibernation can have a major impact on the life of the colony, upsetting their balance and leading to the premature death of the queen, so it is very important to comply.

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