How to water ants?

How to water ants? About the liquid supply of ants Unsurprisingly, like all living creatures, ants need to replenish their water and fluids. In nature, they have many ways to do this: for example, soil moisture, precipitation, plant sap. But what about in an artificial environment? How can their water needs be met? How to water […]

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When do native ant species swarm?

When do native ant species swarm? Flight periods of ant species in Hungary Check out our ever-expanding ant calendar below to find out when the Hungarian ant species are having their nuptial flight in which months. It is important to note that all periods are not country-specific, so the information displayed is for information purposes

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How to hibernate ants?

How to hibernate ants? About the Hibernation of the Ants You may have wondered how in summer you see lots of little worker antsrunning up and down the fields, trees, grass and around the house, but as the colder weather and snowfall comes, they disappear somewhere. Maybe they move to warmer climates, like the birds?

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