Ancient Columns

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A brief description of the equipment:
⚖️: € 2,49 / piece
🎨: Marble
📏: Variable, between … mm
🏠: Not species specific
📝: Formicarium equipment, decoration
Earn up to 10 Ant Points.
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Ingyenes szállítás Foxposttal már 12.000 Ft-tól

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Features of the Equipment

Ancient Columns in different shapes and sizes to decorate formicariums. It is a perfect choice for adding colour to outworlds, creating extra hiding places, and for the establishment and mapping of certain species. The equipment does not contain any soluble dyes, so when humidifying large formicariums, no harmful substances will be released from the water.

If the outworld contains some kind of soil (e.g. sand, small pebbles) the equipment can be drilled into it, giving the effect of having grown out of the soil. The price shown is for one variation.

Material: plastic
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  • The Ancient Columns pictures are illustrations.
Weight20 g
Column type

Broken Column, Full Column, Half Column




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